Arsenal Codes 2020

Arsenal Roblox Codes 2020

I’ll talk about the Roblox game in this post, Arsenal Codes 2020. The Roblox game is very common with arsenal. People who play this Arsenal game have reached 17K with a visit of around 513.3M +. This game has an FPS genre and was created by Rolve Community. Besides this game is very similar to the Counter Strike game.

Arsenal Codes 2020

Those are the active codes you can instantly use in the Arsenal game. See also Roblox Toy Codes.

Arsenal Codes 2020

  1. Bandites: you got Victory voice
  2. Anna – You got character is the princess frozen
  3. Flamingo – earn the sound Flamingo
  4. Kitten – you got a lot of voice victory
  5. John – You got the sound John
  6. Eprika – You got the Butterfly Knife
  7. Rolve – You got a new skin for your character
  8. Poke – you got Poke Skin
  9. CBROX – You got the Phoenix Skin
  10. Pet – You got a new sound

Arsenal Roblox gameplay

In gameplay, players must get kills or help which will eventually make them reach 32 kills or 16 kills when other games are in standard mode, where they will receive a golden version of their melee weapons and must kill someone with gold weapons so their team win on themselves.

Most of the time, a player is killed that they will receive a new random weapon. But if a player is insulted that means they died because someone stabbed them or committed suicide by jumping off a map or killing themselves with explosive weapons etc.

How to Redeem Arsenal Codes

It is really quick to redeem codes in arsenal. The way you press a bird ‘s picture below the shop. Then enter the code above into the area of enter codes, and you earn the prize.

About Arsenal

Bloxy Winner Three Times 2019! Thank you to all of you!

Win by killing with a golden knife, race with a golden knife by getting killed / helping.

Arsenal also supports R15, Gamepad, Smartphone and has lots of new and strange weapons to fight to the top!

Reset the store every day. New items always spin!

Premium benefits:
Access to Premium Battlepass tracks

Final Words

That was an article about Roblox 2020 arsenal codes. Each of the code above worked and I tried it out. Don’t forget to share this article so you can enjoy this new code for roblox game. If a code doesn’t work, please contact me via the comment column because I will update it later. Thank you for coming, and look forward to the next Roblox update.


    • If it doesn’t work, the code has expired. Alright then I’ll update the latest code. So check always to get the latest code. Thanks.

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