Banning Simulator Codes 2021 Latest Update

Banning Simulator Codes

Find all the current valid codes to banning Simulator Codes 2021 to purchase more new eggs with some gems & coins!

Banning Simulator recently made a very big change, they introduced a New Event Egg, introducing a new feature that allows you to hide pets and turn on or off music. Banning Simulator has several surprises to keep players occupied with the initial process of collecting coins and gems for new players to raise their banning hammer & purchase new eggs. The game has removed changes to get coins, gems, eggs and other useful items in the game, with a number of new codes.

Banning Simulator Codes 2020

Valid Banning Simulator Codes List

In this section we will focus on active and valid code for the Banning Simulator that currently exists. Each of them will give you an important gift, so don’t hesitate to use it.

  1. Sub2AlphaGG: With this code you will earn 3,550 gems
  2. AlphaIsKing: With this code you will earn 3,125 gems
  3. YoutubeAlpha: With this code you will earn 2,750 gems
  4. AlphaIncrease: With this code you will earn 2,750 gems

How to Redeem Banning Simulator Codes

In Banning Simulator, redeeming code is made quite easy. Tap the twitter icon on the left side of the screen, enter the code from the list, then press the submit button.

Description Banning Simulator

Update 5.9
Only happens in Version 5.9 and higher

Update 5: Egg prices are balanced

  • The price of the Final Game hammer has been balanced
  • A teleporter to the Dungeon Zone was added in the dungeon
  • The default walking speed and VIP walking speed increases
  • Omega Prismatic Opportunities

!! Coming soon !!
We will have many additional cool trading features coming soon such as:

  • The ability to turn off trade demand
  • The ability to see the name of a pet from what is traded

Some are more too, but not as important as both.

Final Words

This was the post on Banning 2021 Simulator Codes. The code above was checked out and can be used by all. If there is a code that is not running, please contact me via the comment section. Thank you for visiting the Roblox game, and look forward to updating the code.

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