Clicker Story Codes 2020

clicker story codes

This guide provides details on how to play the game, how to redeem work codes and other valuable information. Also all valid Clicker Story codes can be found in one updated list here. After you redeem the codes, you can get lots of stunning items and stuff there. There are already some active codes and it’ll be earlier to see what you can get for free right now.

clicker story codes 2020

Clicker Story Codes 2020

Some exclusive pets and more prizes (Gravy, Russo & Flamingo) just enjoy what we’ve packed for you:

  • 1M: Redeem this codes to receive exclusive free reward.
  • Razor: Redeem this codes to receive exclusive a Razor pet.
  • Gravy: Redeem this codes to receive exclusive a Gravy pet.
  • Russo: Redeem this codes to receive exclusive a Russo pet.
  • Flamingo: Redeem this codes to receive exclusive a Flamingo.

The game is very new, and we, like you, are waiting for more codes. So visit us early, as more codes will be added to the list, and even more exclusive free and special rewards to claim.

How to Redeem Codes on Clicker Story

To use your code you must press and click the blue Twitter bird icon (right side of your screen). Type the code to open window (Enter code here) and press the green button Redeem. Find out this reward.

About Clicker Story

Welcome to Clicker Story!

  • Click to get Clicks
  • Explore a different World
  • Battle in boss fights!
  • Buy pets to become stronger


  • 10x Clicks
  • New Event Eggs

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Update 5.5 Patch Notes:

  • NEW CODE “1M” for 30 minutes 2x Clicks, 2x Gems and Faster


  • TRIPLE HATCH upgrade
  • Daily Rewards now provides a 15 minute x2 Click increase
  • Triple Hatch and Auto Hatch Gamepasses
  • replaced with +1 Pet Rarity and Auto Evolve

Use codes for the free pets: “Gravy,” “Russo,” “Flamingo” and “Razor!”

Follow the game to reveal new updates!

That is all. Hopefully this article about Clicker Story codes can help you to get a pet in this game. If there is a problem please let us know in the comments column and we will help you.

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