How to Control the Helicopter on Game Roblox Jailbreak

Control Helicopter on Roblox Jailbreak

The Helicopter is one of three aerial vehicles in the Roblox Jailbreak game, in addition to UFOs and Black Hawks. If sufficient damage is required from its arm, this helicopter can be shot down so it can not fly for several seconds. It is also very difficult to monitor the helicopter so it needs to exercise and learn the buttons used to fly.

You should know that if you jump or get thrown out, you’ll be given a parachute and then click the spacebar to disable it. Still, you have to be patient, as though you’re dropping the parachute from a fairly high height and you’ll still suffer harm due to falling. Furthermore, whether a criminal or a inmate flies the helicopter, or last flew it, the rotor would turn red. So, if a police officer drives the helicopter or flies it last, then the rotor appears blue.

roblox jailbreak helicopter controls

The propeller will turn gray if the helicopter grows a helipad. For your information, Police Station one, Police Station two and Military Base are some of the places where helicopters will appear in the Roblox Jailbreak game. Even though the helicopter is placed to be exclusive to those who only have a key card, you can still get one without a key card. That is by driving a car on the road to the museum and to the roof of the two Police Stations.

Speaking of Roblox Jailbreak Helicopters, of course you want to know about Jailbreak Helicopter controls. Well, in this article, we will discuss it. If you want to find out the information, don’t stop reading this article until it’s finished so you can find out and understand about Roblox Jailbreak helicopter controls. Continue reading the following text. See also Roblox Jailbreak Infinite rocket fuel.

To use a helicopter find the helicopter first and sit in the driver’s seat. Click the helicopter tool in the lower left of your screen. This connects your controls to the helicopter so you can fly it. It is possible to make your own helicopter using the ROBLOX item editor.

Press the “Y” button for flying the helicopter. Click and move the mouse to aim the helicopter blades and fly in a certain direction. Zoom in or out to get a good helicopter look.

Press the “F” button to fire the rocket and the “B” button to drop the bomb if your helicopter has a weapon.

Press “X” when the helicopter is near the ground to land and jump out. You can use a parachute to jump safely from a helicopter when it is not near the ground.

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