Notepad Compare Two Files

Notepad compare files – There’s always a need to compare two text files. There are several different programs that actually execute this feature, but the use of several different programs is usually not desirable, each of which is designed to perform only one task. The free text editor Notepad + + which every desktop pc requires is very useful and compare many files perfectly.

Notepad compare files

Notepad + + can compare different file types, e.g. Html, PHP, & Javascript. However, MS Word files can not be accurately compared because the coding for this application is not suitable.

Install the Compare Plugin

This method installs the plugin using the Configuration Manager. Below are the steps to Install Notepad ++ Compare Plugins using Plugin Manager.

  1. Open your Notepad ++
  2. Switch to Plugins-Manager plugin-Display Manager plugin.
  3. Search Compare Plugins in Available Tabs.
  4. Select and click to install
  5. Restart your Notepad ++

In some situations, when using Plugin Manager, plugin installation can fail or there may be no plugin manager as it is disabled, I suggest downloading the zip compare plugin file and manually installing it.

Steps to Compare two files using Notepad ++

Compare two files using Notepad ++ by first opening the file you want to compare. Next, run the Compare plugin by opening the Plug-in – Compare – Compare tab.

It’s easy to add this plugin if it’s not already installed on your copy of Notepad ++. Switch to Plugins-Manager plugin-Display Manager plugin. In the list of plugins, check Compare and click Install. The program must restart before the plugin works.

Open the document that you need to compare. Press the Alt + D key combination. The file will open in two tabs that clearly and easily highlight all the differences in the file. Content differences will be highlighted in yellow, and information added – in green. Notepad ++ automatically wraps lines.

To exit Comparison Mode, you need to use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + D or the Plugin tab – Compare – Delete Results.

Note: I recommend activating the “Vertical Scrolling” option when comparing documents. This allows simultaneous scrolling of both texts. Enabling synchronization and highlighted paths is a great and effective solution for reading and comparing code.

Final Words

Comparing add-ons is one of the best Notepad + + add-ons you need to have. Quick, reliable, and fast comparison of text files. Okay, now go ahead and install the plugin for comparison. Perhaps this valuable article can benefit you. Thank you for visiting the next notepad post, and reviewing it.

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