Puffin Browser for PC, Windows and Mac (2021 Latest)

Puffin Browser for PC

After a long wait, the Puffin browser for PC has finally arrived, complete with a user-friendly design. It generates a website that is compressed. It allows webpages to load quickly without wasting data. The Puffin browser is available for Android and iOS devices as well. The ability to compress a webpage in real time is one of this app’s most amazing capabilities. All features are available for free.

Cloud computing technology is incorporated into the Puffin browser for PC. It is built using a javascript engine that allows you to view your web pages quickly. Incognito mode allows you to surf the web without leaving any tracks.

Puffin Browser for PC

This app’s data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure connection. It offers the most effective hacker defense. You may use a non-secure wifi connection with complete privacy, which is not possible with other browsers. The app makes advantage of cloud servers to reduce workload and improve internet speed. On normal online browsing, the app may save up to 90% of your bandwidth.

What is Puffin Browser?

Puffin Web Browser is available for free download from the Google Play Store, but it requires a premium membership to use. Users may try Puffin Web Browser for free for one hour each day, funded by ads, to see if it meets their needs and is worth the premium membership. Users with light use can take advantage of the free trial without having to pay for a membership.

  • Wicked Fast: Websites can load at amazing speeds because to our cloud servers’ ability to handle even the most resource-intensive web pages.
  • Cloud Protection: Because all Internet communication from the app to our servers is encrypted end-to-end, it’s safe to utilize public, insecure WiFi.
  • Flash Support: We are continually improving our servers, including the ability to watch Flash content through the cloud.
  • Data Savings: Puffin transmits web data to your device using an unique compression technique that can save up to 90% of your bandwidth when viewing the web. (Please keep in mind that streaming Flash content or videos consumes more bandwidth than usual.)


  • Unparalleled loading speeds
  • Fastest JavaScript engine
  • Ad Blocker Included
  • For a complete online experience, use both mobile and desktop modes
  • The ability to download to the cloud (up to 1GB in size per file)
  • Theater mode for Flash videos and games
  • Virtual Trackpad & Gamepad
  • Adobe Flash Support

How to Install Puffin Browser for PC

  1. Install an Android emulator on your computer; the BlueStacks emulator comes highly recommended.
  2. To finish the emulator installation, run the Exe file on your PC.
  3. Go to Play store on locate in bluestacks home screen.
  4. Look for the Puffin Browser app and hit the install icon to install it.
  5. To begin the download, log in with your Google ID.
  6. Now Puffin Browser is installed on your bluestacks.
  7. Enjoy.

I hope you were able to successfully install puffin browser on any of your devices. If you don’t get it done, please let me know what’s wrong. You can also get the app for your Android or iPhone.

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