How to Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad++

Today I’m going to show you how we can remove duplicate lines using Notepad++. So, here is a tutorial to remove duplicate lines?

How to Remove Duplicate Lines with notepad++

How To Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad++

To delete duplicate lines / notes from any text file, use Notepad ++. You can also alphabetically filter the results.

Step 1: As shown below, make sure TextFX> TextFx Tools has the following 2 settings checked:

Delete Duplicate Lines using Notepad++

Step 2: Pick all of your text (CTRL + A) where duplicate lines have to be removed. Go to TextFX> TextFx Tools, then pick one of them.

  1. sort row case sensitive or
  2. case insensitive sort line

Step 3: This is yet another useful Notepad ++ feature.

Method 2: Delete Duplicates Lines with Notepad++

In addition to the above methods there are also other ways that are easier. I will explain below:

Step 1: In notepad++, tap CTRL+F for open Find box.

Step 2: Choose Replace.

Step 3: In the find what option; please fill in the words you want to change. Meanwhile, replace with; you can give the words you choose.

Remove Duplicate Lines in Notepad

Step 4: choose replace all and all the words will be replaced with new words.

I then assume that the duplicate lines have been deleted, as you can see. This is useful when, as usual, you want a regular expression to remove blank lines. I hope it was helpful for you, and I want to thank you.

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